[rabbitmq-discuss] Replacement for rabbitmq-multi

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Mar 30 15:00:46 BST 2011

On 29/03/11 23:19, Jason J. W. Williams wrote:
> What is the rabbitmq-multi replacement for starting a cluster on your
> local machine?

The short answer is do it yourself, although that shouldn't be too 
frightening. This is talked about here:


FTR we took rabbitmq-multi out because:

* It did not handle the case where a broker wants to open other ports
   than 5672, and thus was not compatible with SSL, STOMP, the
   management plugin etc.
* It didn't actually set up a cluster, just a set of nodes.
* It had a couple of minor bugs in it that would not be easy to fix.
* It was another thing to document, and confuse people with.
* Its original purpose (help start a local cluster to work around poor
   SMP performance in Erlang) was obsolete.

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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