[rabbitmq-discuss] A message is sent but no queue to listen.

mysurf mail stammailbox at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 09:02:12 BST 2011

I have two more questions regarding the rabbitmq mechanism
1. if a message is produced with a routing key and no queue is bounded to
that key. where does it go ? Is it deleted?

I have a server that computes a result and some client which subscribe only
to some groups of results.
currently the server doesnt manage a group of routing keys but just sends
 each result to the Rabbitmq
Lets say 90 precesnt of the results will be listened to and will have
queues. the other 10% will disappear?
should I manange an active list of routing key in the server.

2. Upon producing two messages I get "attempt to use a closed channel" on
the second produced command.
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