[rabbitmq-discuss] server crashes with very fast consumers

John DeTreville jdetreville at vmware.com
Wed Mar 30 02:54:58 BST 2011

My laptop has a lower ulimit hardwired in. I'll build a VM running another OS.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 12:10 AM, alex chen wrote:


> One more question. You say RabbitMQ crashes when you run these tests? And it crashes without writing anything interesting in th logs? Or printing anything to the console? It just exits?

It crashed without any errors in the log.

I found a problem with my the amqp_consumer.c that I sent last week.  it did not send acknowledgement after consuming the messages.  Attached please find the updated amqp_consumer with ack enabled.  please use this for testing.

Currently the tests would send 3000 messages to each queue (MESSAGE_COUNT=3000 in common.sh).
If you find some fast consumers already finish consuming 3000 messages much earlier than other consumers, please change MESSAGE_COUNT=5000.  this would reliably reproduce the broker crash.  if you ran
"top | grep beam" while all 1000 consumers are running, you can see its memory usage grows to more than 3500 MB before it crashes.




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