[rabbitmq-discuss] Using listeners in json rpc server/client

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Tue Mar 29 14:32:57 BST 2011

I am trying to detach two processes to two different machines using jsonrpc
server/client architecture (which gives me a very nice solution).
currently  I only have to deal with listeners issue.

 process in components A used to send listeners subscribing to certain data
To Component B .

Now, Component A,B being in different computers I cant send te listener in
the remote rpc solution.
The listener that will be re-created in server B will have to open Channel
to send the data to channel A.
It seems that for this part only I should use the  regular queuing system in
rabbit .
Each client will open a different queue and will add routing keys with the
data it needs to subscribe to.

My questions:
1. Is that design good? In places there used to be listeners transport
for subscribing to data I  will leave the jsonrpc solution and the
2. what is the reccomended way to choose a name for the queue for each
* Currently I am using uuid as the queue name when a client opens it and I
send it also to the server.
* I cant get the computer name (I dont use JNI) and I dont want to put it in
property file.
3. When a client dies sudddenly (unexpected ) who will close his queue ?
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