[rabbitmq-discuss] Cluster size limit

Advait Alai advaitalai at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 06:31:53 BST 2011


I'm trying to add 150 nodes to a RabbitMQ cluster. After around 50 nodes,
the stop-reset-cluster-start iteration starts giving the error:

Stopping node rabbit at node130 ...
Resetting node rabbit at node130 ...
Clustering node rabbit at node130 with [rabbit at node117] ...
Starting node rabbit at node130 ...
Error: {cannot_start_application,rabbit,

Note that I am sequentially adding nodes to build a cluster (as an
initialization step) before creating any queues/exchanges or running any
amqp script.

How do I solve this problem? Is it because RabbitMQ imposes a hard cluster
size limit?

Also, does RabbitMQ scale well to around 1000 nodes?

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