[rabbitmq-discuss] Management Plugin Additions

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 22 10:52:31 GMT 2011

Hi Gavin.

On 21/03/11 22:10, Gavin M. Roy wrote:
> I am looking at a project where we would like to append operational
> data to the Management Plugin user interface that would allow our
> teams to have a consolidated view of our cluster and consumer status.
> The plan is just to append a JavaScript include that would append
> what is needed to the user interface.
> Examples of use might be active consumer locations or a note about a
> queue that could impact what someone may do when it starts to back
> up.
> The initial thought is to allow for a new "priv/www" directory to be
> specified in rabbitmq.config, where I can extend the existing
> templates including our 1 javascript file which would append the
> functionality we would like to the UI.

This is quite interesting, because I've been having somewhat similar 
thoughts about extending the management UI. rabbitmq-shovel already 
holds some status information that it would be useful to see, and the 
upcoming rabbitmq-federation probably will too. Other plugins might have 
similar needs.

I think my case is a superset of yours though; I need to be able to 
extend the HTTP API (probably by plugging modules into the webmachine 
dispatch table) as well as plugging into the Javascript.

Of course, I haven't actually *done* anything yet.

> Is there a better way to handle this? All we really want is to just
> append the one external JavaScript include.
> Alternatively, the easiest implementation is to download the
> appropriate plugin version from the repo, change the HTML, recompile
> and distribute. However this adds a bit of overhead with each new
> RabbitMQ upgrade that could be avoided with such a configuration
> variable.

Hmm, I suspect that may be the best approach in the short term.

> If we create such a patch, would it be considered for inclusion so we
> don't have to maintain our own version of the plugin?

Probably not, as it's likely to get trampled by what I'm planning to do 
I'm afraid.

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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