[rabbitmq-discuss] vhostpath

Steven Taylor taylste at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 08:02:56 GMT 2011


I can't find a definition on rabbitmq.com for vhostpath, apart from that you
can create/delete one + assign users to it... a channel can operate in
one... queues can be assigned on?

Okay, so it's a grouped permissions thing... and we are imagining that a
queue (or an X lives) on a "virtual" server or host.

Does this terminology come from the UNIX / LINUX world?  You might put a
few alternative perspectives on what a vhost is... or a definition for it
for those of us that are reaquanting ourselves with UNIX / LINUX.

In the course of writing this email, I've mostly worked it out now, but I
sent the email on anyway as I know you want to keep making it easier for
people to use RabbitMQ.

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