[rabbitmq-discuss] server crashes with very fast consumers

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Sat Mar 19 00:01:06 GMT 2011

> > Over lunch we did manage to come up with a hypothesis as to what's going
> > wrong, and a quick subsequent test showed this to be accurate. I've now
> > fixed the bug and whilst it's pending QA, I'd be interested in whether
> > it fixes your crash even under a 32-bit Erlang VM. If you have the time
> > and are comfortable compiling Rabbit from scratch, try the branch called
> > "bug23968" and repeat you're test. It should not crash, even under a
> > 32-bit VM, and it should use substantially less memory too.
> I did "hg update -C bug23968", but the broker still crashed under 32 bit VM.
> it did not crash under 64 bit though.

Also, in case neither John D. nor me has posted it yet, the crashes we
saw in his office under an attempt to replicate a scenario similar to
the one Alex describes were also on a 32-bit Erlang VM.


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