[rabbitmq-discuss] server crashes with very fast consumers

alex chen chen650 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 07:54:00 GMT 2011


> When your broker crashes, does it produce anything interesting in the console 
>output or in the log files?

sometimes the log showed reaching memory limit, nothing else interesting.


On Mar 17, 2011, at 20:48, alex chen <chen650 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> one thing i found is broker always shows "Memory limit set to 1638MB." in the 
>>log.  We have 16 GB RAM so it should be 40% of the RAM by default.   I will try 
>>to  investigate more tomorrow.
>It turns out that I was running the broker using 32 bit binary, that is why the 
>memory limit is 40% * 4GB = 1.6 GB.  the broker would crash if there are more 
>than 50 GB of messages in 1000 queues.  When this happened, the  memory usage 
>reached 4 GB.
>If I run the broker using 64 bit,  it does not crash because it could get more 
>than 6 GB of memory.   It was able to consume all the messages at rate of 
>100-200 MB/sec.
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