[rabbitmq-discuss] server crashes with very fast consumers

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Mar 14 23:29:12 GMT 2011


alex chen wrote:
>  > Any chance you could script the above to the point where all one 
> needs to do is:
>  > 1) start clean rabbit
>  > 2) run test script
>  > 3) wait for broker to die
> The test scripts are exactly the same as before:
> http://lists.rabbitmq.com/pipermail/rabbitmq-discuss/2010-August/008570.html

It would really help if you consolidated all that into a simple set up 
as I mention above. As it stands we have to piece together the test code 
and scripts from various emails. That a) takes time, and b) increases 
the chances that we will be doing something slightly different and thus 
not be able to reproduce the problem.


PS: please keep rabbitmq-discuss on the cc.

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