[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance and scalability measurement with my publisher-subscriber clients testing

Deepak Vijayvergiy vdeepak at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Mar 9 10:26:56 GMT 2011

I have created the framework for publisher-subscriber and created publisher and consumer clients for basic testing as well. Now, I also want to test the performance as well, as in, I want to give the numbers like -
(1) How many messages, my publisher client will be able to publish per second or rate?
(2) How many messages my consumer will be able to consume (per second) .. rate? (a) with messages already in the queue (b) parallely publishing as well

Earlier I have tried doing same by some time functions before and after 1 and last mess respectively, but I don't think that was a proper way. Please let me know if you have done the same measurement?


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