[rabbitmq-discuss] Install error erlang not found but is installed

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Mar 9 09:58:18 GMT 2011

Hi John,

On 09/03/11 00:03, John Beaulaurier -X (jbeaulau - Advanced Network Info 
at Cisco) wrote:

> I installed erlang R14B01 from source to default location and tested
> successfully. Then I performed a test install of the RabbitMQ rpm, but
> receive a dependency error

This is a package management issue. If you built Erlang R14B01 from 
source instead of installing it from a package then the package manager 
has no way of knowing that the dependency has been met. One way of 
getting around this is to turn off dependency checking when installing 
the RabbitMQ rpm. The RPM website has more information about dependency 
management: http://rpm.org/

Some users have also had some success installing from a modified Erlang 

If you have a choice between R14B01 and R12B-3 then use R14B01.



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