[rabbitmq-discuss] Network routing in RabbitMQ

José Manuel Rivas de Arriba jmrivas at amper.es
Wed Mar 9 07:38:26 GMT 2011

Hello everybody,

I´m evaluating if RabbitMQ fulfills our requirements.

Our system needs to send messages with different priorities from one computer to another computer, that are into
different subnetworks whose connectivity are through different L3 switches.

Do you know if this is possible with RabbitMQ? Is network routing implemented? Are priority queues implemented?

Thanks in advance,

      José Manuel Rivas de Arriba        
      Dpto. Ingeniería del SW            
      C/ Marconi 3                       
      Parque Tecnológico de Madrid       
      28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid)         
      Tel.: + 34 913 626 007             
      Fax.: + 34 917 243 010             
      e-mail:jmrivas at amper.es            

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