[rabbitmq-discuss] chunking a file to many messages

asaf david asafdav2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 21:52:04 GMT 2011

I'm a RabbitMQ beginner. I need to handle a case where several clients can 
produce files for processing, which should be done in some servers. I've 
realized there is no native support for files transfers, so I'm going to 
chunk a produced file to many small messages are transfer them (similar to 
the answer given here<https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rabbitmq-discuss/-G39l-JJtp4/OTSd9FUJdfEJ>), 
and reassemble them to a whole file at the server. However there are two 
points i'm not sure about:

   1. How do i make sure that different messages that belong to the same 
   file won't end up in different servers? I want a fair dispatching between 
   the servers on a per-file base, not per-message
   2. How do I make sure that messages won't be reordered? should i attach 
   an identifier to each message to mark it's location in the original file?

thanks in advance :)

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