[rabbitmq-discuss] Requested additions to amqp-rabbitmq-0.*.json file

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Mar 7 11:02:01 GMT 2011


On 04/03/11 04:35, Gavin M. Roy wrote:
> I have attached a hg generated diff of amqp-rabbitmq-0.8.json and
> amqp-rabbitmq-0.9.1.json that I hope is useful enough to others to make
> it into the main codegen json files.
> This size is hardcoded in RabbitMQ src and various drivers, I'd like to
> add this, it's a logical addition to FRAME-MIN-SIZE which is already in
> the spec files.
> FRAME-MAX-SIZE: 131072

There is no FRAME-MAX-SIZE defined in the spec. The only reason the 
rabbit broker uses the above value in negotiation is that a) some 
clients (notably some versions of qpid) break when given 0 (i.e. 
"unlimited"), and b) some clients break when given 2^32-1.

> in addition to this, it'd be useful to have:
> With these available from codegen, one can parse content frames with
> constants for offsets and lengths instead of hard-coded variables.

The above constants are intimately tied to the framing layer of the AMQP 
codec. That layer is defined in the main AMQP spec document, not the 



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