[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP authorization?

Rob Harrop rob at rabbitmq.com
Fri Mar 4 11:29:13 GMT 2011


A STOMP SEND is translated into a basic.publish, so you can set up write 
permissions on the exchange that the publish is being sent to.

Which exchange to choose will depend on the STOMP destination type you 
are using. I'm guessing that you're using /topic destinations - these 
are mapped to the amq.topic destination so setting up the correct write 
permissions on that exchange should work for you.

If you are using /queue destinations, these are mapped on to the default 

Obviously, /exchange/<name> destinations are mapped on to the named 

Hope this helps,


On 04/03/11 11:19, Dick Davies wrote:
> Hi, I'm using the STOMP plugin happily with RabbitMQ 2.3.1.
> Are there any configuration options to allow mapping STOMP topics to
> AMQP 'backend' topics?
> Reason I ask is I need to be able to define access control within RabbitMQ
> to limit who can post to stomp topics, and currently seem unable to.
> I may well be missing something, I'm fairly new to both STOMP and Rabbit.
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