[rabbitmq-discuss] Help defining appropriate queue model

Fabio Margarido fabiomargarido at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 14:14:24 GMT 2011

Hi there,
I'm about to use RabbitMQ in my first amqp project and am having a bit
of difficulty identifying the necessary queues and exchanges.
In our use case, there will be only one producer who publishes a
message to the broker. This message represents configuration data.
Then multiple consumers read the published configuration from the
broker during their startup process, so it shouldn't happen very
often. The message should remain in the queue after consumption so
that the following consumers are able to read it. When some
configuration data changes, the producer republishes it and alerts
(possibly through some other queue) the consumers, who then read the
configuration message again.
I know this question isn't exactly related to RabbitMQ, but reading
the AMQP spec didn't help much. Could anyone help me identify which
exchange types, queue and message parameters I need for this to work?
Thanks in advance.


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