[rabbitmq-discuss] Maximum Frame Setting Not Working

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 1 09:36:35 GMT 2011

Hi Rom,

On 01/03/11 03:55, Rom wrote:
> I have successfully run a very simple message publisher with my
> ConnectionFactory setting below.
> ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
> factory.setUsername("rabbitmq"); factory.setPassword("rabbitmq");
> factory.setVirtualHost("/4couchdb"); factory.setHost("rcgarcia74");
> factory.setPort(ConnectionFactory.DEFAULT_AMQP_PORT);
> factory.setRequestedChannelMax(100);
> factory.setRequestedHeartbeat(300);
> But when I start adding in the Maximum Frame size below, any number
> that I put in doesn't work. Is there a variable that I need to set
> at rabbitmq.conf? If it's in the conf file what's the key/vakue
> pair?
> factory.setRequestedFrameMax(1);

AMQP specifies a minimum frame size of 4kb. You should see this in the 
broker logfile after that attempt:

   amqp_error,not_allowed,"frame_max=1 < 4096 min size"

The solution is to use values of 4096 or higher.

What are you trying to accomplish by changing the default frame size 



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