[rabbitmq-discuss] Thrift vs. Protocol Buffers as serialization formats

Abhishek Kona abhishek.kona at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 03:43:45 GMT 2011


We use Thrift as a thin layer infront of RabbitMQ to provide Amazon SQS 
(acknowledge without keeping a channel open).  like semantics for our 
queue system.
It has been working like a charm for us.
We primarily use in Java and PHP.
Serialization has never been observed as a major bottleneck in our 
So any of PB or Thrift should be good for you. (We use Thrift for its 
good RPC capabilities).

The people at https://github.com/eishay/jvm-serializers/wiki/ have 
profiled lot of available data serialization methods, you can have a look.

-Abhishek Kona

On 28/02/11 10:34 PM, Marek Majkowski wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 15:13, SimonT<simonthorogood at hotmail.com>  wrote:
>> Anyone care to share their experiences with using either of these
>> (specificially, as the 'on-the-wire' format for RabbitMQ messages)? In
>> particular, would be interested to know about:
>> - Ease of managing the (re)generation of message formats for use
>> across multiple platforms (in our case, C# and Python)
>> - Serialisation/Deserialisation performance
>> - Serialized message size
> In my projects the performance of (de)serialization doesn't matter
> that much. But flexibility and simplicity matters a lot.
> I tend to use JSON and I'm happy with it. Language support is
> brilliand, it's simple and fast enough.
> Cheers,
>    Marek
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