[rabbitmq-discuss] What is an Exchange?

Jeff Hinrichs jeffh at delasco.com
Mon Jan 31 00:42:47 GMT 2011

Being new to enterprise mq's, rabbit in particular, is there a definition
for what an exchange does/is?  The tutorial talks about how use use an
exchange, and the 3 different types of exchanges but is there more
conceptually to an exchange than functioning as a logical abstraction for
segmenting queues and routing per virtual host and/or server?

>From what I've read so far, it doesn't appear to be possible for an exchange
to span servers, true?

Where do vhosts fit in this model?    server -> vhost -> exchange -> queue?
 Are they just another logical abstraction that sits on top of exchanges?
 Is segmenting security the main/only reason?

Links are always welcome, I've attempted to search for this information but
get pages of code examples for results.  So now I'm asking.


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