[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ management plugin memory usage in Chrome

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jan 27 17:30:39 GMT 2011

On 26/01/11 23:15, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> Hmm. Not sure IE counts as much evidence for the bug being in the plugin :)
> But seeing the same problem in two browsers is a concern.
> But I still have no idea how to debug this kind of problem.
> But I'll have a look anyway.
> But I'm not promising anything.

FTR we'll at least have a mitigation strategy against this (full refresh 
the page after 200 partial updates without user interaction) in the next 
release. And we're still seeing if we can fix the real problem.

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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