[rabbitmq-discuss] Newbie: unable to run rabbitmqctl

Denny Swindle denny.swindle at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 23:36:04 GMT 2011

Hello -

Today I've been trying to get RabbitMQ running on my mac (Mac OS X 10.6.6).  I've downloaded and installed Erlang (R13B04).  I then downloaded the generic Unix version of RabbitMQ: rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-2.2.0.tar.gz.

When I start up the server, it all appears to start up just fine.  But running rabbitmqctl to perform any command results in an error.  Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Starting the server:

nemo:/usr/src/rabbitmq_server-2.2.0/sbin dswindle$ sudo ./rabbitmq-server 
Activating RabbitMQ plugins ...
0 plugins activated:

+---+   +---+
|   |   |   |
|   |   |   |
|   |   |   |
|   +---+   +-------+
|                   |
| RabbitMQ  +---+   |
|           |   |   |
|   v2.2.0  +---+   |
|                   |
AMQP 0-9-1 / 0-9 / 0-8
Copyright (C) 2007-2010 LShift Ltd., Cohesive Financial Technologies LLC., and Rabbit Technologies Ltd.
Licensed under the MPL.  See http://www.rabbitmq.com/

node           : rabbit at nemo
app descriptor : /usr/src/rabbitmq_server-2.2.0/sbin/../ebin/rabbit.app
home dir       : /Volumes/Drive2/Users/dswindle
cookie hash    : 02o5DxVQC04jRptvAasHUg==
log            : /var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit at nemo.log
sasl log       : /var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit at nemo-sasl.log
database dir   : /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit at nemo
erlang version : 5.8.2

starting file handle cache server                                     ...done
starting worker pool                                                  ...done
starting database                                                     ...done
starting codec correctness check                                      ...done
-- external infrastructure ready
starting statistics event manager                                     ...done
starting logging server                                               ...done
starting exchange type registry                                       ...done
starting exchange type direct                                         ...done
starting exchange type fanout                                         ...done
starting exchange type headers                                        ...done
starting exchange type topic                                          ...done
-- kernel ready
starting alarm handler                                                ...done
starting node monitor                                                 ...done
starting cluster delegate                                             ...done
starting guid generator                                               ...done
starting memory monitor                                               ...done
-- core initialized
starting empty DB check                                               ...done
starting exchange recovery                                            ...done
starting queue supervisor and queue recovery                          ...done
-- message delivery logic ready
starting error log relay                                              ...done
starting networking                                                   ...done
-- network listeners available

broker running

However, when I attempt to check the status of the server, I get the following:

nemo:/usr/src/rabbitmq_server-2.2.0/sbin dswindle$ sudo ./rabbitmqctl status
Status of node rabbit at nemo ...
Error: unable to connect to node rabbit at nemo: nodedown
- unable to connect to epmd on nemo: address
- current node: rabbitmqctl68597 at nemo
- current node home dir: /Volumes/Drive2/Users/dswindle
- current node cookie hash: 02o5DxVQC04jRptvAasHUg==

Contents of /var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit at nemo.log:

=INFO REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
Limiting to approx 156 file handles (138 sockets)

=INFO REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
Memory limit set to 1638MB.

=INFO REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
msg_store_transient: using rabbit_msg_store_ets_index to provide index

=INFO REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
msg_store_persistent: using rabbit_msg_store_ets_index to provide index

=WARNING REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
msg_store_persistent: rebuilding indices from scratch

=INFO REPORT==== 22-Jan-2011::17:14:40 ===
started TCP Listener on

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