[rabbitmq-discuss] Question on internal guid or hashing msg content

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Sat Jan 22 22:45:28 GMT 2011

I've been hacking on a rabbit_riak_queue.erl implementation today and I'm starting to get into storing messages in Riak.

I think in the recent blog post (that was excellent info, BTW) you mentioned some things to keep in mind, namely that the message body shouldn't be stored more than once, given it could go to multiple queues.

Can I use the guid property of #basic_message{} for this or would I still get unnecessary duplication (I guess I'm wondering if the same message content can have different guids for sending to multiple queues)?

Or should I hash the message content and use that as the key?

Or should I use some other method?


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