[rabbitmq-discuss] New rebar template for RabbitMQ plugins

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Wed Jan 19 21:59:31 GMT 2011

Just pushed a rebar template for creating RabbitMQ plugins with Rebar to my GitHub:


The README gives some instructions on usage. It's really pretty simple. The only thing that will need to be kept up-to-date is the port of rabbitmq-erlang-client to a rebar-friendly version I host on my GitHub. I'll write some scripts to automate this to track future updates.

Creating a plugin for RabbitMQ is now as easy as:

rebar create template=rabbitplugin pluginid=my_cool_plugin author="Joe Blow <joe at mydomain.com>"
cd my_cool_plugin
export RABBITMQ_HOME=/my/rabbitmq_home/2.2.0
sudo make install

You can use rebar to manage your plugin's dependencies and the Makefile will handle zipping them up for you (and copying them to the plugins directory on the install target, of course).

Truth be told, the name rabbitplugin is maybe a little misleading. This particular template is an Erlang AMQP client app template. Since it's using rebar, you could generate a standalone app using this too. I might add a reltool.config to it and add a template for just this purpose. "amqpapp" or somesuch. That might make creating standalone Erlang-based AMQP apps a little easier.


Jon Brisbin

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