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Alexandre Kalendarev akalend at mail.ru
Tue Jan 18 23:43:15 GMT 2011


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Tue, 18 Jan 2011 20:13:10 +0000 письмо от Robin Wood <robin at digininja.org>:

> Hi
> I'm trying to get Ruby, using the AMQP gem to talk to PHP using the
> php-amqp library. Both on their own work and talk between their own
> consumer/publisher but I can't get them to talk cross language.
> Before I post my randomly hacked together code does anyone have good
> sample code that shows the two languages talking to each other?
> I'm new to MQ stuff but roughly what I'm seeing is the channel and
> queues are being created OK and messages are being sent but when I
> watch them in Wireshark I see the PHP one has a content type of
> plain/text but the Ruby message has application/octet.
> Any tips?
> Robin
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