[rabbitmq-discuss] Advices for new developers to work in RabbitMQ Development

Ing. Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda mlortiz at uci.cu
Tue Jan 18 15:54:46 GMT 2011

Regards to all the list
I´m very interested to work on the RabbitMQ development but I need some advices to work on it. For example, I have several questions about:

 - Do you are using a Project Management Platform for it?
 - Do you have a TODO list?
 - Where is the source repository? If you have a Git mirror, is better for me, although I don´t have trouble with another SVC system.
 - How the new developers can include new documents on the official documentation?
 - Is there a mentoring mechanism? It's very useful in many open source projects to work aside a experienced developer to learn and to help 
   on the same time
 - Is there a Milestone for the 2.3 version?
 - Is there a kind of RabbitMQ Developer Summit?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Ing. Marcos Luís Ortíz Valmaseda
Linux User # 418229 && PostgreSQL DBA
Centro de Tecnologías Gestión de Datos (DATEC)

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