[rabbitmq-discuss] A developer's topic on the main docs

Ing. Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda mlortiz at uci.cu
Mon Jan 17 21:23:00 GMT 2011

Regards to all.
I was talking with Alexis (alexis.richardson at gmail.com) and he said to me
that we can discuss the ideas with you about the modules documentation.

The main idea that I was discussing with Alexis is to add on the modules comments the main
function of it, but he said that comments were not the right place to do that. Instead that,
we could add on the official documentation a developer´s topic explaining the main function
of each module to guide to the new developers to understand the code of them.

What do you think about this?


Ing. Marcos Luís Ortíz Valmaseda
Linux User # 418229 && PostgreSQL DBA
Centro de Tecnologías Gestión de Datos (DATEC)

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