[rabbitmq-discuss] Is there any mature C/C++ client for rabbitmq?

David Wragg david at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jan 14 01:56:11 GMT 2011

techabc <techabc at gmail.com> writes:
> well, my libtool version is 2.7, I install mingw with mingw's latest auto
> installer.
> Because, I try install-mingw.sh script failed due the tar utility.
> I suggest the rabbitmq-c team use the sepecific version of mingw auto
> installer instead of cygwin, It's very kindly for all people.

Interesting.  Until recently, the mingw installation instructions
recommended against using their own installer, as it had not been
updated in a long time.  But I see they did update it in November, and
go back to recommending its use.

It's probably not possible to make libtool 2.7 work.  We know that the
libtool support for building with the Microsoft tool chain is broken in
some libtool versions after 2.2.7.  Judging from the error you get, 2.7
is one of the versions where it is broken.  If you don't like this, you
may want to send your feedback to the libtool maintainers.

This is why the README.windows file says:

    [...] The GNU build tools have limited support for Microsoft
    toolchain, but the install-mingw.sh script will install versions of
    the packages that are known to be suitable.  In particular, only
    libtool version 2.2.7a is known to work; later versions have been
    reported to introduce problems.

You only need this mingw version while you build librabbitmq.  So you
can install it temporarily, do the build, and then delete it.


David Wragg
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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