[rabbitmq-discuss] Load Balancing among Producers (devices) and Messaging Server ( Apache Qpid or RabbitMQ )

Sumit Arora sumit1234 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 07:42:19 GMT 2011

Recently I started working on a project which require to implement Messaging
and viable options are :  Apache Qpid or RabbitMq , My Task is like this :

 +A+ >>.[Millions Devices (Producers) -- Connected to -- Messaging Server
(Clustered -- Qpid or RabbitMQ) ]   { LOAD BALANCING)

 And then

 +B+ >>.[Messaging Server (Clustered -- Qpid or RabbitMQ) -- Connected to --
GateWay Server (Clustered) ]

 And then

 +C+ >>.[GateWay Server (Clustered) -- Connected to -- Internet
Explorers/Browsers (Consumers) ]

See +A+ >>-- I need to use messaging usually for Load Balancing , and then
later *Gateway Server* relay the produced data to Consumers (Browsers)

Means several queues are created inside Broker, by using some Load Balancing
Algorithms. Producers ( Device Client) -- Send Message's Data to a specific
queue, Delivery to a queue based on either Round Robin, or with other common
Load Balancing Algos, Possibly it require Ack as well for guaranteed
delivery, and then Consumers Picks the Messages from Queues and relayed
further, All pretty standard stuff.

I studied basics of AMQP, and executed basic examples of both Qpid and
RabbitMQ and then here are my questions :

-- >> Is there a way , or some experiments or anything which can provide
some thing to choose either RabbitMQ or Apache Qpid ?

-- >> Is there any one who have ever worked on more or less similar
requirement ? and he/she can provide any comments about it ? or some
pointers before actually Implementing the algo , Implementation of Producers
and Consumers ?

-- >> My Overall requirement is related with Load Balancing, as my project
expects millions of devices connected to Messaging server -- later Messaging
data to be relayed and major confusion at this time to Select Apache Qpid or
RabbitMQ, and to me both looks same

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