[rabbitmq-discuss] Handling Undelivered messages in rabbitmq

Prashant Yadav PRYD at mach.com
Thu Jan 6 09:15:10 GMT 2011



For one of the reuirement we need to keep track of queue depth and
successfully processed messages. The idea is to publish messages and get
a list of successful and failed messages. To simulate the requirement I
did the following


1)      Publish the messages with Mandatory and Immediate flag sent
channel.basicPublish 'exchange' ,'rKey',true,false, props,"Hello

2)      The consumer consumes even marked ( I have put numbers from
1..10 as marked value in header of each messages)  and does not ACKS odd
numbered messages.

3)      I have implemented setReturnListnere in the publisher to capture
undelivered messages.


While am able to get the number of unack messages via Rabbmitmqctl
list_queues messages_unacknowledged, somehow my handleBasicReturn method
does not gets called. Am in missing something.


Code snippets:



channel.setReturnListener(new ReturnListener() {

        public void handleBasicReturn(int replyCode, 

String replyText, 

String exchange, 

String routingKey, 

AMQP.BasicProperties properties, 

byte[] body) 

            throws IOException {

                                                println "Debugging

            println "The details of returned messages are ${replyText}
from  ${exchange} with routingKey as ${routingKey} with properties"




println " queuename is ${dec.queue} and consumerCount is
${dec.consumerCount} messageCount is ${dec.messageCount}"

                (1..10).each {

                                println "Sending file ${i}....."

                                def headers = new

                                headers.put "operatiion","scp"

                                headers.put "dest","joker.dk.mach.com"

                                headers.put "id", i

                                println headers


                                BasicProperties props = new
BasicProperties(null, null, headers, null, null, null, null, null,null,
null, null, null,null, null)

'exchange' ,'rKey',true,false, props,"Hello Worls".bytes






while (true) {

                def delivery = consumer.nextDelivery()

                def headers = delivery?.properties?.headers

                def id = headers.get("id")

    println "Received message:"

                println " ${id.toString()}"


                if( id % 2 == 0){

                channel.basicAck delivery.envelope.deliveryTag, false






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