[rabbitmq-discuss] gen_event handler rabbit_error_logger crashed. Reason badarg

Bruno Thomas thomasbam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 07:42:58 GMT 2011

Hi All,

First of all, happy new year 2011.

We have rabbitmq (1.8.0) in production since 7th of december. There is
a virtual IP proxy in front of two rabbitmq server nodes (2 machines)

We see sometimes theses errors in rabbitmq logs, causing one node to
fall, and then be restarted by the cluster :

=ERROR REPORT==== 22-Dec-2010::20:31:10 ===
** gen_event handler rabbit_error_logger crashed.
** Was installed in error_logger
** Last event was: {info_msg,<0.113.0>,
                              "closing TCP connection ~p from ~s:~p~n",
** When handler state == {resource,<<"/">>,exchange,<<"amq.rabbitmq.log">>}
** Reason == {badarg,[{ets,lookup,[rabbit_exchange_type_registry,topic]},

Do you have an idea of what it means ?
Do you think we should upgrade to 2.2.0 ?

Thank you for your answsers.

Bruno Thomas

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