[rabbitmq-discuss] Security/resource limit questions

Christian Legnitto clegnitto at mozilla.com
Tue Jan 4 21:21:12 GMT 2011

I intend to have RabbitMQ publicly available over the internet via AMQP and have some outstanding questions. I haven't had time to investigate these myself, but figured I'd send to the list as someone else may have the answers already. I am asking these about RabbitMQ itself. I realize the client libraries may have limitations of their own, possibly different.

* What characters are allowed / expected in the routing key, binding topic, queue name, user name, and password? Is it just ASCII? 
* What is the maximum length of the routing key, binding topic, queue name, user name, or password a client can specify? 
* If a message is rejected due to hitting max length or an invalid character, what happens? How are the limits enforced? Rejection? Truncation? Conversion?
* How many bindings are supported per queue? Is it possible to starve the broker of resources be specifying 100000s of bindings?
* Is it possible for malicious consumers to DOS the server by specifying 100000s of queues with 100000s of bindings listening to '#' on all exchanges?
* Is it possible for a malicious producer to be able to affect the AMQP message / behavior by including control characters / AMQP escape sequences in the message payload?
* Is it possible for malicious consumers to starve the broker of connections during protocol negotiation or consuming? What are the timeouts in place to prevent such an attack? Are they configurable?


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