[rabbitmq-discuss] Should I upgrade all clients if I upgrade the server to 2.2.0

Dimitri del Marmol tontondimsum at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 14:11:19 GMT 2010


I have a rabbitmq server (2.1.0) currently running in production and I
am planning an upgrade to 2.2.0. All the clients currently use the
2.1.1 java client.

I was wondering if it was necessary to upgrade all clients to 2.2.0
when upgrading the server. I guess that keeping server and clients
versions in sync would be the best way to go but how far from the
ideal situation can I go before getting into trouble?

- is it OK to run a client with a version older than the server (eg.
client 2.1.1 with server 2.2.0)?
- what about the other way around (eg. client 2.2.0 with server 2.1.1)?

Since 2.2.0 comes with automatic server upgrades in non clustered mode
this is something I need to get my head around since, if I understand
correctly, the server will upgrade automatically whereas I'm still
responsible on upgrading the client apps.

RTFMs (with URLs plz) accepted since this is a pretty n00b question ;-)



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