[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap compiling.

Matt Miller matt at mydomedia.com
Sun Nov 28 15:02:33 GMT 2010


Has anyone compiled the rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap plugin? I'm wondering if the plugin is too new for me to check it out. I have downloaded the public umbrella and have compiled other plugins, i.e. stomp. But this one is giving me the following error:

matt:rabbitmq-public-umbrella matt$ cd rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap/
matt:rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap matt$ make
ERL_LIBS=build/deps:deps erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall +debug_info -pa ebin src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:40: can't find include lib "rabbit_common/include/rabbit_auth_backend_spec.hrl"
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:123: field impl undefined in record user
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:124: variable 'P' is unbound
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:124: variable 'U' is unbound
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:188: field auth_backend undefined in record user
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:189: field impl undefined in record user
src/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.erl:39: Warning: behaviour rabbit_auth_backend undefined
make: *** [ebin/rabbit_auth_backend_ldap.beam] Error 1
matt:rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap matt$ 

I noticed mention of bug23455 (http://hg.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap/file/cadbb093f812/README), and I was not sure wether to patch my umbrella or how to proceed. 



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