[rabbitmq-discuss] High availibility in queues

Gargi, Nikhilesh Prakash nikhilesh.gargi at hp.com
Thu Nov 25 09:45:16 GMT 2010


We are planning to use RabbitMQ in clustering.

If we add 4 RabbitMQ nodes in a cluster, all the credentials, exchanges and bindings get copied to each mnesia db. However, since the queues are specific to nodes, the message directed to a particular queue will be lost (if the node on which that queue was created is down). Is it correct? How can we workaround this? This seems to be a weak link for a High availability solution we need. Are the message will be persisted somewhere and will be delivered to that queue after that particular node comes up?

If the message is gonna lost, can we have a workaround that we create copies of the queues explicitly on each node. Now since they are copies, the exchange will send the message to all the nodes and even if a node is down, message will be delivered to all the copies of that queue.

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhilesh Gargi

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