[rabbitmq-discuss] Help!

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Mon Nov 22 09:04:31 GMT 2010

On 22/11/2010 4:50AM, WANG Chong (Bob) wrote:
> My proposal is to create many
> queues listening a fan-out exchange, but my boss doubt that this will
> cost too many resources on the messaging server, so he insists not to
> create new queues but same services listening on the same queue, is this
> feasible? Any body who can help?

Hi Wang.

The two proposals will do two different things - if you have many 
consumers on one queue, each message will only be consumed once, by one 
of the consumers. With each consumer having its own queue, each message 
will be consumer by every consumer.

If you're concerned about performance I suggest running some tests. 
Queues are not *that* expensive, although obviously delivering the same 
message multiple times will cost more than delivering it once.

Cheers, Simon

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