[rabbitmq-discuss] building webhooks plugin with 2.1.1

sunghyun lee sunshinesucker at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 12:12:53 GMT 2010


I am thinking about upgrading the 2.1.1 and was wondering if someone would
provide some steps on how to build the webhooks plugin against it without
the plugin crashing the server?  When i run the make file it builds however
I get a lot of warning with the lhttpc_lib.erl file and bool() type now
being called boolean(). I have changed the files but I still get a kernel
pid terminated message.  I also get a warning message regarding undefined
function amqp_connection:start_direct/0.

Has anyone got webhooks to work with 2.1.1? The logs are not telling me
anything useful. Any suggestions would be great at this point...

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