[rabbitmq-discuss] Working PHP impl. to send and receive?

diez flatline at stresstiming.de
Mon Nov 15 15:16:56 GMT 2010

Hi Gavin,

I/we have patched the php-rabbit version of Alexander Kalendarev to the
latest Version of the rabbitmq clib. So you can use it with the latest
server  > 2.2 and library version.

At first you have to apply the patch on the Google code site.


After that use the attached patch.



Am 14.11.2010 22:07, schrieb Gavin Butler:
> Hello list,
> Has anyone had success using a AMQP or Stomp PHP client to both 
> send and receive messages from RabbitMQ?  If so, please could you 
> post the version of the client/library, and various dependency 
> versions?
> Our RabbitMQ version is 2.1.0, and we have had varying degrees of 
> success with AMQP and Stomp (if anyone would like more details, I 
> will gladly provide them):
> RabbitMQ-C library extensions (http://code.google.com/p/php-amqp/, 
> http://code.google.com/p/php-rabbit/): both sent messages with no 
> problems, though get or consume failed to retrieve any message 
> content.
> Pure PHP AMQP (http://code.google.com/p/php-amqplib/): an 
> assortment of errors sending.
> Fusesource Stomp client 
> (http://stomp.fusesource.org/documentation/php/index.html): send 
> and subscribe works, though ack does not (invalid body 
> terminator...which seems ok: "\x00").
> Stomp PHP Extension (http://pecl.php.net/package/stomp): both send 
> and receive do not work (no errors, but works fine with ActiveMQ, 
> incidentally).
> Zend Stomp: sends and receives, though doesn't appear to coexist 
> with queues of the same name (and vhost) used by other 
> producers/consumers.
> Thanks,
> -gavin
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