[rabbitmq-discuss] Mgmt Plugin (2.1.1) feedback

Michael Vierling MVierling at attinteractive.com
Sat Nov 6 05:40:09 GMT 2010

Overall we really like the new Management Plugin.  We're using this instead of Alice now.  There are a few areas that could use improvement though.  Here are some feature requests:

- Queue Size (aggregate)
It would be helpful to display the current, aggregate queue size, i.e. the total sum of all queues.  This can help an Admin detect when a queue is not getting drained.  This could be displayed as a single number on the /api/overview within the Message Rates row.

- RabbitMQ version
Can System Information display the RabbitMQ version?  We added this into Alice.  It is very helpful when managing a cluster, because sometimes a node fails to get upgraded.  The version of Erlang can also be useful.

- Uptime
Also added to Alice.  This is useful to track reliability.

-rabbitmqadmin CLI
We like it!  However, it is missing the ability to display /api/overview.  Also would still prefer a key-value pair option.

-Firefox strangeness
I've noticed that I can only have one dashboard window open.  We have about 32 RabbitMQ nodes.  Normally I would keep all 32 nodes open, each in a separate tab window, in Firefox.  But this seems to slow Firefox so much that it becomes unusable.  At a certain point Firefox needs to be killed and after that because of some glitch it is impossible to login back into RabbitMQ's dashboard.

Great job overall though.  The ability to drill down into Channels and see individual rates and counts is really nice.


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