[rabbitmq-discuss] Plug-in out of date warnings when starting the RabbitMQ server on Windows

Jon Rowland jon.rowland at isam.com
Fri Nov 5 10:27:51 GMT 2010

An update on this. I complete uninstalled RabbitMQ/Erlang packages from my machine and made sure that the folders really were gone.

I then freshly installed the Erlang, RabbitMQ-Server packages from the windows complete 2.1.1 package.

On starting the server, I get exactly the same plugins warnings as previously. I noticed another mail on the list with a response from David Wragg suggesting a workaround of deleting the src folder. I can confirm that this workaround also works for me.

I've done a little bit of digging. It appears the detection of 'out of date' is just done on a file datetime comparison of the src versus beam versions. If I do the Windows equivalent of 'touch'-ing the .beam files, the warnings go away. So it looks like for whatever reason, the .beam files are getting a slightly older file datetime than the src files, causing the warnings. The file datetime is set by the 'unzip' so I'm not sure it's something you'll be able to control (unless you can somehow control the unzip order).

Not a major problem for me but could be confusing for other newcomers.


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On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 05:01:55AM -0500, Jon Rowland wrote:
> I don't think so, this is a fresh install of 2.1.0 (on a machine that previously has had 1.7.0, but was uninstalled).
> There are a lot of the plug-in warnings (around 80), including rabbit ones, e.g.
> ...
> *WARNING* rabbit: Object code (rabbit_exchange) out of date
> *WARNING* rabbit: Object code (rabbit_exchange_type) out of date
> ...

Right, it must be finding those _somewhere_. If you've only installed
the 2.1.0 broker and no plugins then it must be finding them from some
previous install. Hunt down the plugins directory, nuke it from orbit,
and then rerun "rabbitmq-service.bat install" as documented at

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