[rabbitmq-discuss] JsonRpc and RabbitMQ

Christian Schuhbaum christian at schuhbaum.info
Fri Nov 5 09:42:42 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

i'm currently trying to use the jsonRpc-Plugin with the rabbitMQ-2.1.1
The configuration works fine and the json-rpc examples are working, too.

The only thing, i want to do with the rabbitmq-server is:
Client -> [put some text] -> rabbitMQ Server
Other client -> [consume the queue entries] -> rabbitMQ Server

This means, i'm also need the persistence of rabbitmq.

Is there any documentation out there, about the usage of the
Basically i just need the same functionallity as the amqp-library gives me.
Create Channel, create queue, bind queue+channel, add persistence, write
to the channel (persistent) and read it from an other client.

I found the basic.publish-method in the javascript-library. For example
a parameter with 12 entries "null". Where do they come? How do i know,
what parameters are required?

Can anybody help me?

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