[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ and Websockets

Tim Child tim at cantemo.com
Fri Nov 5 09:12:19 GMT 2010

Been using js.io as part of other products with some good results.


But, socket.io seems better:


Basically whats been important when I have been implementing comet systems is that if you use say websockets, that you can use another form of communication for those browsers that don't support websockets (or the particular variant of the spec that you are trying to use) - which is many of them.

Draft 75
Chrome 5
Safari 5.0
Draft 76
Firefox 4 beta
Chrome 6
safari 5.02
Opera 10.70

Some of the libraries use flash as a fallback mechanism, which I find unacceptable. For instance a large percentage of my peers use products like click2flash which will block the use of the flash library, and with Apple's continuing reluctance to support Flash we are finding larger percentages of the audience that can't use that fallback, and can't use websockets.

On 5 Nov 2010, at 09:47, Miguel Morales wrote:

> I was thinking of how to avoid writing a JS library to have to
> distribute and maintain.  Granted, adding something like that would be
> a bit trivial.  So I guess it wouldn't be too bad.
> I haven't done much work with websockets, but I like this project's
> syntax: http://code.google.com/p/jquery-websocket/
> Where you can setup a sort of RPC/event system while keeping the code
> free of if/else.
> I wouldn't want to mess with any framing or any such amqp
> functionality.  Just dead simple publishing/consuming and with an
> optional clean RPC system.
> The plugin should listen for a specific json encoded message and
> distribute the message to the specified location.
> The plugin should know when we are a registered consumer and deliver a
> json encoded message with the message and its information.
> These are just some quick thoughts on it though.  It may not even need
> to be a plugin, but the lower the delivery latency, the better.
> O

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