[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ and Splunk

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Nov 4 19:33:13 GMT 2010


On 04/11/10 19:03, Michael Vierling wrote:
> Let me turn the question around: why have messy poorly formatted log
> data?  Splunk has extensive tools to extract fields.  But it will
> always be true that having clean, well formatted log data goes a long
> ways towards making any extraction process easier and more reliable.

No arguing with that. However,

1) rabbitmqadmin is not outputting *log* data (and neither, for that 
matter are ps, iostat, etc). Which makes things like sticking timestamps 
at the beginning of every line feel rather artificial. Of course there 
are perfectly legitimate reasons for wanting to process non-log data 
with tools like splunk, but the logical place for the supporting code to 
live is as a plug-in to splunk.

2) what exactly is wrong with the existing formats output by 
rabbitmqadmin? The default table format is designed for human 
readability. The tsv format is designed for post-processing with 
standard unix tools (e.g. "rabbitmqadmin -f tsv -q list connections | 
cut -f 2 | while read conn ; do rabbitmqadmin close connection ${conn} ; 
done" will close all connections). And the json format works well for 
post processing by programmatic means.

> Hundreds of lines of code are needed to parse iostat, ps and the others.

I appreciate that but surely the same isn't true of the rabbitmqadmin 
outputs. In particular the tsv and json outputs should be a breeze to 
parse. If they are not then that is certainly something we'd want to fix.



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