[rabbitmq-discuss] Missing features making me look at moving off RabbitMQ

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Nov 3 08:43:12 GMT 2010


On 01/11/10 18:46, Christian Legnitto wrote:
> Hmmm, I hadn't really thought of that, I'll look into it. You mean
> adding something like "secure.level.1" to the routing key and only
> letting certain users bind with with that?

I suspect Scott thought your "security tokens" were cryptographically
strong tokens the possession of which entitles a user to receive certain

> Is there a way to restrict bindings based on routing keys?

No. Though that is something a proxy could do.

> Also, wouldn't # and * bypass that?

No. Though again a proxy could prohibit such wildcard bindings.

It is unclear from your description of the problem how the 
confidentiality constraints are expressed. Some piece of information 
gets publish and should be routed only to those consumers which are 
allowed to receive it. Leaving aside the specifics of rabbit, what would 
the algorithm look like that decides whether a particular consumer 
should receive the message? I.e. define the function 
ShouldReceive(someData, someInformationAboutConsumer).



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