[rabbitmq-discuss] Missing features making me look at moving off RabbitMQ

Dave Syer david_syer at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 1 00:47:09 GMT 2010

On Oct 29, 6:46 pm, Matthias Radestock <matth... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> We are working on better and more integrated HA. Meanwhile, the
> instructions for the existing active/passive HA may look a bit
> daunting, but it's actually not that hard to set up.

I also found the existing HA guide rather hard going.  I suppose that
doesn't help much, but it's good to share the pain sometimes.

I think I would probably want to try and have the hypervisor deal with
HA (e.g. shadow VMs in vSphere).

> > -- Support custom authentication schemes <e.g. LDAP>

Spring Security and Spring Integration already work together (and LDAP
is a dime a dozen for Spring Security users), so Spring AMQP with
Spring Integration might provide a nice high-level wrapper for this.

> > -- Support message-level permissions
> That sounds like a pretty hard problem. Are there any messaging systems
> out there that do something close to what you need here?

Spring Security is pretty good for that kind of requirement also. We
could try it pretty soon once Spring AMQP and Spring Integration get
properly synched up (should be any time, now that Spring Integration
2.0 is getting close to final).


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