[rabbitmq-discuss] basic_qos(prefetch_count=1) NOT_IMPLEMENTED

Ray Slakinski ray.slakinski at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 21:26:00 BST 2010


When I set basic_qos to 1 I get an NOT IMPLEMENTED error coming back from RabbitMQ, we are using 1.7.2 and txamqp, I was looking at an example of someone using this setting on 1.6 and working ok, so I wanted to know if its just broke in 1.7.2 and if so is there a patch forthcoming or do I need to compile things differently?

>>> yield channel.basic_qos(prefetch_count=1)
txamqp.client.Closed: Method(name=close, id=60) (540, 'NOT_IMPLEMENTED - prefetch_size!=0 (1)', 60, 10) content = None

Ray Slakinski

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