[rabbitmq-discuss] "Returning" values

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Mar 29 05:56:44 BST 2010

Hi there,

I am aware that a message queue does not support returning value. Is there a
pattern for the following usecase:

User submits a data set through the browser to the backend application. The
backend puts the data into a queue in order to be processed by one of a
worker processes running on some other machine taking requests from the

The client application should be notified or take notice when the data has
been processed and get hold of some return value.

I was thinking for having some client specific 'return queue' where the
worker could insert the return value...however the number of queues is
limited ( by RAM?) and the number of possible clients may exceed the number
of maximum queues....so not a solution..

Is there a pattern for implementing this usecase with RabbitMQ?

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