[rabbitmq-discuss] New Persister

Scott Mohekey scott.mohekey at telogis.com
Sun Mar 21 22:26:24 GMT 2010

I'm trying to find out when the new persister will be available. I've seen
mention that it was to be ready by July of last year (
and further mention in November of it not being ready yet (

The reason I ask is that we are attempting to publish ~1000 msgs/sec on a
single rabbit node, in a persisted queue. The queue is then read by a java
app on a geographically distant server over the internet, using
basic.consume. We also require transactional consumption, so currently wrap
a batch of X (500 for example) messages in a transaction, acking the last
one (passing true to ack multiple). We have qos set to batch size * 2 (1000
in the above example).

We're only managing to get something like 50 or so msgs/sec at the moment.
The consumption of the messages is slow, but the tx.commit varies in speed
from a second to many (sometimes even as long as a minute).

The version of rabbitmq we currently have installed is 1.7.0. We are
planning to test with 1.7.2 later today to see if this helps any.

What are we doing wrong?

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