[rabbitmq-discuss] Pluggable exchange types (bug 22169) landed on default

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Mar 4 22:22:27 GMT 2010

How exciting!

So now, in the default branch, there's a mechanism for building
pluggable exchange types for extending the AMQP core direct, fanout,
topic and headers exchanges with custom functionality, like mikeb's
prototype LVC plugin, http://github.com/squaremo/rabbitmq-lvc-plugin.

I'm playing idly with shelling out to Spidermonkey, couchdb style, for a
"javascript" exchange. I'm looking forward to seeing what others come up

(BTW, the AMQP spec requires that exchange type names start with "x-" if
they're not blessed by the standards committee, so my JS exchange will
probably be something like "x-javascript" or similar for now)


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