[rabbitmq-discuss] Observe metadata operations in RabbitMQ

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Mar 3 22:56:53 GMT 2010


Marcelo Cantos wrote:
> I want to send a message whenever RabbitMQ creates or deletes a queue,
> exchange or binding. Is this feasible from a client API? What about as a
> plug-in?

There is no direct support in AMQP for these resource lifecycle events, 
but ...

- this is definitely something we want to see added to rabbit at some 
point, and we have explored various experimental implementations. See 
the 'bug19230' branch for an example (beware, this code hasn't been 
touched for a while)

- there is indeed a way to implement the distribution of such events as 
a plug-in, though you will need to know a fair amount about RabbitMQ 
internals (which may change) and Erlang. Each of the activities you 
mention above results in a mnesia table event (see 
http://www.erlang.org/doc/apps/mnesia/Mnesia_chap5.html) that a plug-in 
could subscribe to, convert into a suitable AMQP message and send to an 
exchange either via the erlang client or using rabbit's internal APIs.



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